LEMAX® - one of the most famous brand today, offer the advanced and latest combination technology for your type of sport fishing for over a decade.

Besides serving our products throughout the whole nation, The leading brand, LEMAX® that was launched in 1995 has captured the South East Asia market by storm. Embracing the inherent unique advantage, LEMAX® was created with quality and customers satisfaction in mind. Its products made to a fine quality at the most affordable price assessable and cater to all range of different level experience anglers.

After the years long researched, LEMAX®'s remarkable rod building technology and development process has recognized by most of the anglers. Thanks to the LEMAX PRO TEAM®, our group of rod builders specialist and veteran anglers that has over 20 years experiences in sport fishing industry. They design, evaluate and create a new trend using the top quality new rods for the sake of anglers, example, GCF (Gradual Curve Fighting )action. It was the uniqueness that create a wonderful “feeling” to whoever using it for a extraordinary fishing experience

Good material is the fundamental of good rods. High performance material and advanced, precise technology makes the LEMAX professional handcrafted rods stand out among the competitors. The lines that furnished with thin diameter, soft, high knot strength, low memory and anti-abrasion become the favorite choice of the anglers. From the series of Storm Legend, President , President Royal, G7, Starmax, "Blue Mountain, Red Sword, Black Rose"(which known as The Three Musketeers in the market), Grand Tournament, SeaGame, FerariStik, StormFire, SlimMax, GTI & etc. LEMAX® has made the remarkable improvement in every series.

The LEMAX® brand needs no translation. It is viewed by people regionally – customer and end users – as an authority brand. It says : 'reputation, quality value, price competitive and service'

Every presentation is a surprise. We are able to create the perfect weapon because of you. We need your loyal support and comments to bring you the next surprise and we will excel together into a greater heights !

“LEMAX® - Committed to Worldwide Quality”